Harley Quinn


It seems every one of our volunteers is madly in love with this girl.  She is such a soft and gentle soul who melts into you when you pet her and is so loving and sweet.  There is no doubt she would already be home with one of the volunteers if they didn’t already have a house full of dogs!

Harley is an incredibly joyful and beautiful 1 year old female pup who was born with just one eye.  Of course she has no idea that she is any different than any other dog and she acts and plays just as goofy as the next.

Harley was living with another dog and children and she loved everyone!  She was also living with cats but she definitely showed a bit too much interest in them.  She is never aggressive with them, even when they scratch her, but her curiosity can be a challenge for the cats so a home with no kitties would probably be best.

This gorgeous girl is housebroken and crate trained.  Her owner works long hours and was unable to keep her.

** Adoption fee $50.  The rest of her fee was sponsored by the volunteers that love her **





1 year old