Greta was found as a local stray, wandering the streets with her puppy.   She is about 60# and her mix is unknown although we believe that she is a Boxer possibly mixed with Rhodesian Ridgeback.

Greta has a very solid temperament, but is very unsure of the world and all those in it.  A lot can be learned in terms of the role genetics play in temperament when you take a dog born with a solid temperament and you provide them with no socialization. This could give a lesser dog issues (fear aggression, etc). But a dog like Greta comes away environmentally unsure and lacking in trust.  She does absolutely nothing wrong, she just chooses to remove herself from the situation until she is more comfortable.  Oh, but once she knows you she loves with all her heart.

Greta has a gentleness about her and such soulful eyes you can’t help but fall in love when you meet her.  The first word we use to describe her is “kind”.  She enjoys the company of people, but is just unsure at first.  We are confident that with the right home she will flourish.  Ideally the home will be one that is on the quiet side (no kids running around to scare her) and one that understands her gentle nature.

She would likely do well if placed with a friendly male dog.  In fact we think that would bring her out of her shell and help her gain confidence.  When Greta came to us originally with her older puppy she had worlds more confidence than she did once he was adopted.  So we think it would do her worlds of good to have a companion.  We can cat test her upon request.

** Adoption fee – Sponsored by volunteers that love Greta **




Boxer mix
3 years old