Gracie is just stunningly beautiful.   She has the sweetest, softest face on the planet, framed by unique little ears that call out for petting.   And at just 50 pounds she is a fabulous size, not to big, not to small.   She is low key, easy going and one of the most lovely dogs around.  Calm, very attuned to her caretaker, a good walker (who does not take you for a ride but rather for a pleasant stroll), and not overly excited about lots of activity around her.
Gracie comes when called,  sits, stays and hams it up for the camera.  Now, whether she really knows the commands or whether she is just so people focused she knows what you want and is happy to oblige we simply don’t know.  But time spent with her is a pleasure, we can all agree on that.
Gracie definitely enjoys a good cuddling session with her head in your lap and her tail wagging away.   She is a true sweetheart, loyal and forever best friend material, a confident and fun companion.
Gracie seems to be house trained and when tested off leash with a male dog she greeted with a loose body. But she doesn’t seem to want to engage in any play.  So while she is perfectly polite and friendly in the company of other dogs on leash we think she would be best placed in a home where she is the only dog. Down the line you could probably add a male puppy so she got used to sharing her home with another canine.     We are currently working on cat testing her.     ** Adoption fee $200 **


3 years old