Georgia is a sweet, affectionate and happy girl. She gives kisses and loves belly rubs and snuggling. She wants to be near you, but also does well keeping herself amused with her toys when alone. She is excited to meet new people and settles down quickly.

Georgia is house trained and has not had any accidents. She is a quiet girl but will let you know if she needs to go out right away. She is smart, eager to please and treat-oriented so is likely to do well with continued training. She enjoys the “hide-a-treat” mental exercise games, has already learned “sit”, and is happily working on “down”. Georgia walks well on a leash and waits for you to go through door first. She was not a big fan of the crate after her long ride north, but laid down after just a few minutes of riding. When left at home, she does well in a closed door. A separate room for feeding and when you are out of sight for any extended period is also recommended for her safety.

Georgia may have a very limited amount of sight, but her home and yard must be checked and remain free of hazards (ie., falling, bumping, tripping.) She memorizes the layout of her surroundings quickly but should start in one room and expand gradually. Her hearing is sensitive to new indoor and outdoor sounds, but she is more curious than scared, and becomes accustomed to them quickly.  Georgia would likely do best in a household that is not too loud or busy and has a fairly set routine. A fenced yard is also preferred because she loves the freedom to safely smell and trot around and play.

Her sense of smell is strong, and when she has been in the same room as my cats, she showed no interest in them. My senior cats either ignored her or walked away. We are starting to introduce her to my dogs, after a few days of all showing interest through a dog gate, by starting to walk them together for a while, before going further.

Georgia is just a wonderful loving companion, an easy fit and a pretty irresistible southern belle.  She has been through so much change lately and is adapting much faster than anticipated. She has done well with mellow cats, and it appears that she will do well with a mellow dog after a phased introductory period, but I think she really deserves and would love to have someone devoted especially to her.


Pit Bull Terrier
3 years