Born 8/4, Garfield is having a ball in his foster home.  He is a happy and fun boy who loves to play with his toys and enjoy all the finer things that a foster home has to offer.  Crate trained and housebroken.  This beautiful brindle boy is just waiting for his forever home to find him!  He would love a canine sister, or a family all to himself.  He is a pretty go with the flow guy!

Here is what his new foster mom had to say about Garfield:

We brought him home last night- he was happy and curious.  He was also pretty energetic, staying up until 11pm.  We put him in the crate at 11 and he went right to sleep, no whining or issues.  He slept until 7 am until I got him out.  During the day I crated him for an hour here and there and he was great, just slept, even hearing me on the phone and coming into the kitchen.
Garfield seems normal energy for a 7 month old puppy in a new house.  He is sleeping at my feet right now.  He hasn’t taken anything he isn’t supposed to and knows what toys are and plays with them pretty independently most of the day.  I can leave him alone for a few minutes at a time and trust him.
He is living with a female pitbull and she does a great job of keeping him in line with his puppy energy.  He could be placed with an in charge female dog or would do fine as the only dog in a home since he does a great job of occupying himself.
Garfield is motivated to get treats for commands, but doesn’t have a lot of interest in the food in his bowl yet. I hand fed him breakfast and lunch, because he needs to put on weight, but I’m hoping as he settles more he eats better. His dinner is in his bowl, so I want to see if he goes in and finishes.
Honestly, my husband and I really love him. Having a puppy so good in the crate, and so polite around the house is amazing.



Pitbull mix
7 months old