Fiona – on hold to allow leg healing

So when the vet says that a dog is the best dog that he has seen in years and would take her home if he didn’t already have a full house….well that is a glowing recommendation!

Fiona aka Friday absolutely LOVES every human she meets.  She is fostered with a male dog and prior to coming to us she was with 7 dogs of various breeds, ages and sizes.  She is housebroken and crate trained, loves walks and rides in the car and overall is a VERY easy dog.  We haven’t had an opportunity to cat test her yet, but Fiona was sitting on her front porch when a cat decided to join her and she didn’t even budge.  The foster said she also hasn’t reacted to bunnies or chipmonks, so we are pretty sure she will be good with cats.

Fiona has a limp and a visit to our vet determined that it is from an old gunshot wound.  Crazy and so sad to think someone shot this wonderful dog (whether by accident or purposefully).  But she is a lucky girl who found rescue and will undoubtedly get a wonderful forever home.  To be honest, we aren’t sure who will be luckier …Fiona or her adopter!  But ideally we would love to see her in a home without too many stairs (So no 2nd floor apartments, or houses with a ton of stairs to the backyard – like a 2nd story deck to the yard, etc)

Fiona is an absolute catch.  Here is what her foster mom had to say about her:   “She loves my boys (ages 9 and 6)! When the beat of her thumping tail increases, I know my boys are close.  Fiona slept through the night and has had no issues with my Lab.  She is a sweetheart!  Just a big mushball of love.  We just came back from a walk/jog.  She was completely uninterested in a neighbors (aggressively) barking German Shephard.  She looked at the passing joggers wondering why they weren’t stopping to pet her and unfazed by my boys whizzing by on their bikes.  She has only barked twice (sounds like a puppy).  She takes treats gently.  Rode fantastic in the car while crated and was also fine in the crate the few hours I stepped out last night.  No accidents in the house.   She prefers couches (who doesn’t). Her leg doesn’t seem to limit her too much, but did take a few breaks during our walk. She is a great dog.   She is a hugger, so whenever I get close with the camera, she leans in for snuggles, LOL.”



Pitbull mix
1-2 years old