Elmo – No adoption fee!

Elmo has a sponsor that will pay his adoption fee when he finds his forever family! Wow! What a lucky guy and what a generous sponsor!

Elmo is a very happy, goofy guy. Don’t let his age fool you, he still loves to play and has bursts of energy when he gets excited. He absolutely LOVES being around his people; playing with them and relaxing on the couch. He is perfectly content just hanging out if that is what everyone else wants to do. Outside of playing Elmo enjoys gazing out the window watching all the animals run or fly by. He can become a bit distracted by this so a quick play session or some treats can grab his attention back to you. However, Elmo does enjoy chasing those small animals and is quite the jumper so a tall fence would be best for him. He would do well in an apartment as a leash walked dog!

He is learning new tricks and how to walk well on a leash. He does well with every dog he meets though, a house with cats or small animals wouldn’t be a good fit for Elmo. He is good with kids but can be a little bouncy so older kids would be best. Elmo is also good in his crate and house trained. Elmo’s ideal home would consist of a family with older children and a (tall) fenced in yard for him to romp around and explore. Elmo is a well behaved dog who would love nothing more than a family of his own to play and relax with. He is very adaptable and would likely make a great adventure partner for someone.