Beautiful blue female looking for a quiet home in the country.  Enjoys evenings by the fireplace, quiet walks in the woods and cuddling with her loved one.  If we were writing a singles ad for our sweet girl that is likely how it would start. There is so much we can tell you about this wonderful dog.  And we know the right home is out there just waiting for her to join them.

Delilah loves long walks and riding in the car and as with any good pittie she just loves everyone she meets. Weighing in at about 70 pounds she could easily be considered a large dog. And she can be pretty strong when walking her on leash with a regular collar. But with a SENSE-sation harness or Gentle Leader Easy Walk Harness she walks very well.

To meet Delilah it is hard to believe that she was originally found tied to a fence in NYC. She was then taken in by someone with 3 dogs and one of them attacked her.  So once she arrived at the shelter she was actually terrified of the other dogs.  When she first arrived with us, she was given slow introductions to dogs and for quite some time she was even fostered in a home with 3 other dogs.  But we feel that she would likely do best in a home as the only dog.  However, she has also lived in a home with a cat and would likely do well in a home with a cat that is dog savvy.

Delilah is housebroken and crate trained.  Although she is could likely be left in the house uncrated without any issues.  

We strive very hard to make sure that our dogs are placed in the proper homes.  It is important to us that it is right for the dog as well as the adopter.  So that being said, Delilah does have a few quirks. She sometimes becomes startled at certain objects (when bicycles go by, skateboards, etc) and when she does she is gets a bit jumpy at the end of a leash.  She needs an owner who is going to understand her fear based issues and be ok dealing with them. Continued exposure to these things have not helped so avoidance may be the best option.  That is why we feel that a home in the country where she won’t encounter the sounds and sometimes overwhelming things urban life brings might be best.

As much as we love to see our adopters bring their dogs everywhere with them, in this case we are looking for a laid back home in the country where Delilah can just be herself.  Where she can relax with her people and hang out around the house without the stress of walking on busy streets and encountering things that make her nervous.  So if you live in the country and think you might be just the right spot for Delilah please Fill out our adoption application.  We would love to talk to you!

** Adoption fee $50 – the balance has been sponsored by volunteers who love her **


4 years old