Sweet Delilah is an absolutely gorgeous 3 year old.  She loves long walks and riding in the car and as with any good pittie she just LOVES everyone she meets.  Weighing in at about 70 pounds she could easily be considered a large dog.  And she can be pretty strong when walking her on leash with a regular collar.  But with a SENSE-sation harness or Gentle Leader Easy Walk Harness she walks very well.

Abandoned and left tied to a fence, little is known about Delilah’s early life. Her reaction to loud noises and the activity of the outside world suggests that it was very limited.  To be honest, this is the reason that Delilah has been with our rescue for so long.  Her foster loved her dearly but didn’t think anyone else would want to deal with her insecurities and anxious nature.  But we know that the right home is out there just waiting to welcome this beautiful girl.  While she isn’t high energy, a good exercise plan would go a long way to help her get her anxiety level down a bit.

Delilah startles at certain objects (bicycles, etc) and when she does she is gets a bit jumpy at the end of a leash. She needs an owner who is going to understand her fear based issues and be ok dealing with them.  Continued exposure to these things have not helped so avoidance may be the best option.  A home in the country where she won’t be overwhelmed by loud noises and strange sites would be best.

With slow introduction and patience she enjoyed her life with a foster family where multiple dogs and cats reside.  Delilah has an average energy level.  Like a true Pittie she loves people and is an excellent couch potato when tired.

We truly feel that Delilah’s forever family will find her soon.  She has been waiting for so long.

** Adoption fee has been sponsored by a volunteer who loves her **


Pit Bull
3 years old