Dawson’s adoption fee is covered by a generous donor.

Are you looking for a dog whose main goal in life is to be a true companion? Well then Dawson is the guy for you. He is a happy boy whether walking by your side while you putter around the house, riding in the car while you run errands or laying by your feet chewing on a kong toy while you relax.

His favorite thing in the world is people – men or women, friends or strangers – he does not discriminate. He really is quite the lovebug and gets downright giddy when on the receiving end of a good pet, scratch, belly rub, or even a nice brushing!

Dawson enjoys sniffing around the yard, playing a little catch, or joining you on a jaunt around the neighborhood. Being a senior, all of these activities are equally important in building and maintaining the strength in his hind end. In fact, Dawson likes to extend his horizons a little further each day (and dutifully records his distance so that the next day he knows where he left off.) He then caps off his walks with a little flourish of a skip/hop/run as you return home.

Dawson also does a little happy jig at mealtime and is not a fussy eater at all. His skin and fur are doing well on a no-chicken diet with added coconut oil, in combination with a monthly hypoallergenic oatmeal shampoo. Daily glyco-flex chews contribute towards the health of his bones. He is currently at a good weight and caution needs to be taken to avoid any additional stress from weight gain.

Dawson enjoys training because he is an eager-to-please pup, and relishes this special bonding time with his person. In fact, Dawson prefers to be near you as much as possible, and feels slighted if left out of activities while you are home. However, he settles quickly when you leave the house, and also easily goes to bed for the whole night with a frozen marrow or peanut butter bone. In the morning, if you take just a few minutes to watch him softly snore, contentedly snuggled in his bed, you will soon be rewarded with a big block-headed smile as he wakes while recognizing your scent. What a great way to start each day for both of you!

Dawson has ignored the independent senior cats in his foster home,  but does, of course, show interest in new faces and smells in new places, so dog-savvy cats and an owner experienced with managing introductions would be best.

He is friendly with the resident dogs but is somewhat tentative and submissive, meaning he will avoid any challenge by walking away, while also looking to you for reassurance and guidance.

The ideal home for Dawson would be a single-level house with someone who is home most of the day. Any open stairways with more than a few steps must have closed doors or be securely gated. Carpeting would help his mobility. Older children who understand he can no longer roughhouse and will not accidentally fall on him are a must. A fenced yard is important because he is such a people-lover he would go with anyone, and also because he would be vulnerable to stronger animals that could wander in. Dawson may do well with a mellow, independent female, but would love, and truly deserves, his own person or family.


7-8 yo