Courtesy Post– Daisy is approximately 3 years old and about 45 pounds.  She is the perfect cuddle dog and she loves to cuddle and love on people!!!  She likes to sleep with me at night, completely covered by the comforter snuggled up against me.  Her body is like a furnace and she has kept me warm all winter!  I wish I could keep her but she doesn’t get along with my other dog who I had for four years before her.  Daisy likes to be with me all the time.  There is just not enough of me to share between two dogs who each want me all to themselves!

Daisy is such a love bug and would spend all day and night licking me if she could.  She has so much love to give and is a very attentive, loyal and obedient dog.  She is so happy and will wag her tail if you even look her way and show her the slightest bit of attention.
Daisy is very athletic and energetic but is also calm when its time to calm down for the night.  She will do anything to make me happy!   She is the best friend that any owner would be lucky to have.  Besides my other dog, she lives with two cats and does well with them.  She is also good around children.  Daisy has her k9 good citizenship certificate.  She would benefit from obedience training to freshen up on her manners.  She is very agile and would be a star agility dog.
I rescued Daisy from a couple who couldn’t have pets at their apartment and they told me she was basically spending most of her time living out of their car.  I knew I had to foster her and connect her with someone who could give her what she deserves. When I took her home back in 2013, she was about 7 months old and she got along with my older dog perfectly.  I decided I was going to keep her.  But then as she got older and wanted to be alpha female, my other female would not let that happen.  I tried to live with them separated but my home is too small and its too stressful for me to play musical rooms.
It really pains me to re-home Daisy but  I owe it to her to give her a better life.  She deserves so much more than I can give her. Please call me, Karisa, if you are interested in meeting her. 518-469-7628.


2 years old