Handsome Cooper has it all.  So why has he been waiting for his family for months you ask?  Well, Cooper sometimes has difficulty controlling his excitement.   When he gets to excited he will jump and bounce and grab at his leash or toys.  And of course this can be pretty intimidating if you don’t know him.

The funny thing is we know he can be such a good boy.  He was actually in a foster home prior to making his way into our rescue.  And in the home were 2 other pitbulls, children and a cat and he was good with all.  But the adults in the home were dog savvy and understood the boundaries necessary for a dog that has a hard time exercising self restraint.  You see, just like a muscle, the more a dog practices self control the better they get at it.

We would love nothing more than to get Cooper the perfect forever home.  And that home could take any one of many forms.  Maybe one with a female canine companion to give him lots of playtime and physical exercise.  After all, the phrase “A tired dog is a good dog” had to come from somewhere right?  Along that same vein, an owner who would like to run or take long walks with Cooper would be a great option also!  Don’t get me wrong, this stocky guy isn’t high energy.  But tired is always a  good option!

 Please don’t read into this and think that Cooper is a bad dog.  Quite the contrary.  Just like kids, often the ones with seemingly the most problems are those that aren’t challenged enough or don’t have the structure, but once that element changes in their lives you see them bloom into their true selves.  We just need someone to give Mr Handsome Pants Cooper the chance he needs.

Cooper is housebroken and crate trained.  He rides great in the car and is pretty good on leash.  He can be placed with a friendly female dog and a dog savvy cat.  He loves to swim and makes a great snuggle buddy on the couch.  He is just looking for a chance at a home with an owner that will appreciate the dog he can be.   Adoption Fee $100


Pitbull mix
1-2 years old