Charger was born 6/12/19, and has not wasted a single second — growing, exploring, wrestling, and learning basic polite household skills like “sit” and “pee-pee on the pad.” If you’re not a fan of melty dark brown eyes and bouncy, joyful energy, then Charger may not be the dog for you. He is being fostered with his sister Claire, with whom he shares much playtime and crate time.  At 7 weeks, he is already starting to sleep in his crate for 8 hours straight; and never soils his bedding.  Charger is very affectionate, loves laps and cuddles, and will always be there for you to make sure your chin is crumb-free.  He is highly motivated by food and praise.  He shares toys and food easily, and is generally a smart and strong little dude.  He has had respectful meetings with the household cat, and loves to be near the resident 3-year-old large dog.  He has also met the next door neighbor’s small dog with lots of enthusiasm, and doesn’t mind the noise of a vacuum cleaner once allowed to check it out and learn what it is.


8-9 weeks (born 6/12/19)