Calhoun – Adopted!

This adorable little pittie named Calhoun (Cal for short) is just about 47 pounds and so super cute you just want to pick him up and kiss that face!   He has a bit of a resemblance to a Staffordshire Bull Terrier with a plump body and the most adorable little legs.

He has been in a foster home for months while he got over a pretty severe case of demodex.  But now his fur has grown back in and he is a Mr Handsome Pants!

He lives in foster with another dog and he plays very gently and absolutely LOVES the company of other dogs.  In fact, we really want to see Cal placed with a friendly female dog as we find that he gets a certain degree of confidence being in their company.  It brings him out of his shell so to speak.

He also does well in his foster with cats, just ignoring them for the most part.  His foster mom says he is a quiet boy, she never hears him bark.  And his personality is so endearing, she just loves him!  He acts much like a puppy still with some silly antics and loves to chew!

We are finding that Cal is a super sensitive and shy natured boy who likely wasn’t brought out and about into the big wide world as a puppy.  Therefore he is experiencing many of the sights and sounds of the world for the first time.  For a dog like Calhoun this just means that he is totally normal and outgoing in his home environment but a bit shy and uncomfortable in social settings.   Little doses of things like taking him out for short car rides and short visits here and there would be best for Cal for the time being. Until he gets used to it all.  A home without a lot of chaos would be ideal.   For many homes this is just fine, but if you are looking for a dog to go everywhere and be a part of all the fun on a constant basis then Cal isn’t your guy.

Calhoun is housebroken and crate trained.  He can’t wait to find his forever home.   This little fellow is going to melt some hearts.

** Adoption fee $200 **


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