What a softy!  This super sweet boy is as mushy as they make them.   When our director met him she said he should be cloned as he is one VERY amazing dog!   Therapy dog material for sure.

He was living in a wonderful foster home with 12 and 16 year old girls and they absolutely adore him!   You can tell from the photos that he enjoys being the object of their attention.  He just loves kids.

At about a year old and 63 pounds, Bullet is housebroken and crate trained.  He absolutely loves to ride in the car and he is good with other dogs.  In fact we would really prefer to see him placed with a friendly female dog as he enjoys their company so much.  We do feel he was to interested in the cats to be placed in a home with them.

This is what his foster mom had to say about him:

Bullet has had no accidents inside his kennel (crate).   He is great with my 2 daughters (16 and 12 years old).   Very loving and playful.   He is perfectly content just to hang out with his toy.   He hasn’t torn up his bed.  He was perfect when we bathed him. And when he was being dried and having his face washed. Likey any young dog he does get excited and tries to jump up on you sometimes but he knows how to sit for a treat so he is easy to redirect when he gets jumpy.
He is very curious and loves to sniff anything and everything outside.  We haven’t heard him bark at all but he makes a little cough/bark noise occasionally.  He whimpered one night in his kennel after he was in for the night but stopped after I turned a lamp on for him.   He is amazing and my youngest daughter has already cried because she loves him and doesn’t want him to go.   Also, she is able to walk him and she only weighs about 80 pounds.   ** Adoption fee $200 **


1 year old