Oh My Goodness.  Why no one has realized what a gem is just sitting here waiting to be adopted is beyond us!   Bruno is one big hunky fellow who is just as sweet and gentle as he is handsome.  All of the volunteers just adore him.  At clinics he is mild and laid back even with a ton of commotion around him.  He is just super balanced and soft in nature.  Truly a beginners dog.

He wriggles his whole body, tail wagging with glee when he sees people.   He walks easily on a leash, can sit for treats (and take them very gently), and is super affectionate.  He loves car rides, long walks and just hanging on the couch.  Seriously, this great dog is just as versatile as one can be.  He would be content just as long as he has a human buddy to hang with.   Bruno also does really well with female dogs and would probably love a canine sister.  He would do best in a home with out cats.

** Adoption fee $150 **



Pit Bull Terrier
5 years