Oh what a happy girl!   Sweet Blossom is a wonderful girl who loves to be with her people and to be honest, she just loves to meet anyone and everyone (adults and children).  She is a charmer for sure!

Her favorite past-times are playing with her toys, playing tug of war and fetch.   Of course napping is right up there in the favorite things category too!  And napping with her people?  Oh that is just the absolute best!

She isn’t a barker, in fact her foster hasn’t heard her bark yet.  She will “talk” to you to get you to play.  And she will bring toys over to you in order to get you to play.  She is a smart cookie for sure!

Blossom is housebroken and crate trained.  She is interested, but respectful around cats (she is fostered with one) and could likely be placed with a friendly male dog.  Like most dogs, she loves to ride in the car and would love a family would take her for an occasional ride.

The beauty of a six year old dog is that all the puppy stuff is long over.  There is no housebreaking, chewing, crazy amounts of energy, etc.  Blossom is a chill chick who would love nothing more than a person to hang out with on the couch at night to watch Netflix.  This is what most of us really want in a dog anyway!  So why not just skip to the best part!

** Adoption Fee – $100 **



6 years old