Bethany is a perfect example of a “tweenager.” At approximately 8 months old, she has mastered many grown up skills (she is totally house broken and crate trained) while still keeping lots of puppy playfulness.

Bethany loves her toys and bones, and a peanut butter filled Kong is a favorite treat.  She know several commands and is working on some more.  She rides beautifully in the car, and walks nicely on the leash, unless she decides she’d rather stay home and nap on the couch.  Being an adolescent pup is hard work and requires lots of naps!

And if she’s got someone to snuggle with, better yet!  A big doggy brother might suit her fine.  She is a speed demon when she gets the zoomies and would love a fenced yard to race around, and agility work might be an option.  She would do best in a home with no cats.

And don’t even get us started on her looks! If you can tear your eyes away from her amazing ears, you’ll see her coffee colored, velvet coat and honey gold eyes.  This girl is a looker!  And at around 25#, she is going to be a pocket pittie even when she’s done growing.  She’s sure to fit perfectly into your family!


Pitbull mix
8 months old