Bam Bam

Oh, My, Goodness!!!!    This pup is seriously something special.  Everyone LOVES him!

Bam Bam has many knick-names including Chunky Monkey, Pork Butt and my personal favorite…. Barrel of Bam.  He is a stocky little fellow who tips the scales at about 50 pounds in a compact frame.

The most common comment about Bam is that he is very calm and gentle and oh so good natured.  He just has a very serene nature to him.  He is good with other dogs and would likely love to have a canine sister.   While he was raised with a kitty he would do best in a home without cats.

Bam Bam is great riding in the car so he would make an awesome co-pilot.   He is good on leash and would certainly enjoy evening walks with his people.   Bam is crate trained and housebroken as well.   He loves absolutely everyone he meets.  With his gorgeous blue fawn coloring and his amazing personality he turns heads and soaks up attention everywhere he goes.  Everyone loves this handsome fellow and he would fit in almost anywhere!      ** Adoption fee $175 **




1-1/2 years old