Annie – Adopted!

Annie, also known as Annie Bananie, is a super sweet, sensitive and loving pup.  At just 3 years old and about 65 pounds, Annie is the perfect age for most homes since her personality, energy level and dog social status is known.   She is great with other dogs and has done well when tested with cats.

Annie is housebroken and crate trained.  She absolutely LOVES water and loves to swim.  The photo below is her and one of her doggy pals enjoying a summer day at the lake!

She is great on a leash and loves going for walks with her family.   Annie also loves car rides and she makes a great co-pilot.   Her favorite thing in the world is snuggling with her family and she will roll on her back so you can rub her belly (she never wants to miss an opportunity for a belly rub!).

Annie doesn’t have a favorite toy but she loves to chew on bully sticks.  At night, she sleeps in bed with her mom or on her bed on the floor of her mom’s bedroom room.
Annie wants to meet everyone!  She paws at you when she wants your attention or if you try to stop rubbing her belly.   She has a full body wag and her her whole butt moves when her tail wags.  Its just adorable!  Her photos do her no justice, she is beautiful.    ** Adoption fee $100 **


Pitbull mix
3 years old