The Fix-A-Bull program offers LOW COST spay or neuter surgeries for Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes. To qualify for this low cost service, you must:

  1. Live in or around the Albany NY area.
  2. Be the legal owner of your Pit Bull. Only owned Pit Bulls or Pit Bull mixes qualify for this program.
  3. Submit a Fix-A-Bull Spay-Neuter Application.
  4. Submit a recent picture of your Pit Bull.

In addition:

  1. Only surgery related procedures are included.  Vaccinations, medications, other treatments, microchipping and/or procedures are at the owner’s expense.
  2. Determining whether your dog is a Pit Bull or not will be at the sole discretion of our staff. Documentation of breed history can be provided, but the final decision will be ours. Dogs determined not to be Pit Bulls will be subject to regular, spay-neuter prices.

Fix-A-Bull Application

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