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Got Pit Bulls?  We offer Low Cost spay/neuter options.

The Capital District, like many other regions across the country, is in the midst of a Pit Bull overpopulation crisis. Approximately 30-40% of all dogs entering local animal shelters and rescues are Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes. Many of the Pit Bulls brought to shelters show signs of abuse and neglect. A disproportionate number of Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes are starved and sickly, covered with mange and fleas, their ears chewed up by flies or even victims of home ear-cropping. Worse yet, some are covered with old dog fighting scars or fresh dog fighting wounds.

Unfortunately, since there are so few good homes available for Pit Bulls and mixes, most of these dogs, including puppies, are killed at our local shelters. This is not the fault of our shelters; they are simply forced to do our community’s dirty work.

Despite the overwhelming number of unwanted Pit Bulls in our shelters, many irresponsible owners continue to allow their Pit Bulls to breed out of negligence. Oftentimes, Pit Bull puppies are born in low-income, high-crime neighborhoods where their owners are ill-equipped to care for, raise, and find responsible homes for their puppies.

Pit bulls typically have very large litters with as many as 14-16 puppies. Often, the unwanted puppies are simply given away to the first bidder, un-altered, and without much regard for how they will be treated. Even more frustrating are those who intentionally breed their Pit Bulls in hopes of making a quick profit off of a litter of Pit Bull puppies.  Females Pit Bulls are often kept in perpetual pregnancy, having 1-2 litters every year. Check the local newspapers, circulars, and on-line classifieds any day of the week and you will find far too many ads for Pit Bull puppies for sale.

To address the Pit Bull overpopulation crisis, Out of the Pits has partnered with local veterinarians to offer low cost spay-neuter surgeries to any Pit Bull or Pit Bull mix in the Capital District area of NY.  If you do not live within an hour or so of Albany NY please look for a program in your area.

To purchase a Low Cost Spay/Neuter Voucher, please complete our online Fix-A-Bull Application and make your payment via the links below (rates are listed).
Once we receive your application and payment we will email your voucher along with instructions for making your appointment for surgery.   Vouchers are only valid at one of our participating vets located in the Latham and Schenectady area.
MALE                     FEMALE
$75                           $100              Includes Exam and Spay/neuter surgery **
$125                         $150              Includes Exam, Spay/neuter surgery, and required vaccinations
** Please note proof of current rabies and distemper vaccinations will be required at the time of surgery.

Click Here For Our Fix-A-Bull Application If you prefer not to submit your application and payment online, you can mail an application along with a photo of your dog and a money order or personal check to the address below.  Please make checks payable to “Out of the Pits Fix-A-Bull Program”

Out of the Pits Fix-A-Bull Program
3479 Touareuna Rd
Amsterdam, New York 12010

Approved Fix-A-Bull applicants can make their payment below.

Please Note:

Please note: This is a local program using veterinarians in the Albany, NY / Capital District area, and is intended for residents located in this general vicinity only (Albany, Schenectady, Saratoga, Schoharie, Rensselaer, Columbia, and Greene Counties).  You must provide transportation for your dog to and from the vet for surgery.  If you’re outside our area, you can check out the following links for other programs near you, and also check with your local shelters and animal control facilities.

Friends of Animals / Pets 911 / Spay USA