Our Programs

Media Coverage:

Promoting positive media coverage is perhaps our top priority. We encourage stories which present the Pit Bull in a positive light to offset the attack stories (almost always involving cruelly abused dogs) which have filled the public with unwarranted fear of this victimized breed. To date, all of the television station in and around New York’s Capital District have presented features describing Out of the Pits activities, highlighting the positive aspects of the breed. Hundreds of positive newspaper articles have also reported Out of the Pits activities.

Elementary and Secondary School Workshops:

Out of the Pits has pioneered a series of highly successful in-school awareness programs that teach pet care and humane treatment of animals, using Pit Bulls as models. At the elementary level, these programs are sometimes worked into classroom reading, social studies or science programs. At the secondary level, they are presented in conjunction with vocational classes, Earth Day programs, natural history events. To date we have presented in dozens of schools in and around New York State’s Capital District. Pit Bulls, we explain, have emotions and can feel pain as do all creatures that share the planet with us. As such, they are always entitled to honor and respect.

Public Education Clinics:

Out of the Pits presents public education clinics in pet shops, shopping centers, fairs, dog walks-anywhere the public gathers. At these clinics, visitors can see titled obedience and agility Pit Bulls perform, get literature describing the history and true nature of the American Pit Bull Terrier, and learn about the adoption experience from families who have adopted dogs from Out of the Pits or from local shelters. Visitors interested in saving a dog can look over pictures and descriptions of Pit Bulls waiting for homes.

Therapy Dog Programs:

Out of the Pits members now have 14 Certified Therapy Dogs, with more in training. These dogs have been visiting nursing homes, hospitals and rehabilitation centers for several years. Their arrival is always eagerly awaited and patients are especially delighted with the dogs’ inherently affectionate natures.



Spay-Neuter Program:

Sadly, Out of the Pits receives approximately 1,000 requests per week to take unwanted Pit Bulls. Shelter statistics are equally staggering – it is estimated that more than 80% of Pit Bulls in shelters are euthanized, and typically only 1 in 600 Pit Bulls finds a loving home.

Although Out of the Pits had been helping owners spay and neuter their Pit Bulls for many years on an informal basis, a few years ago we launched an official “Fix-A-Bull” spay-neuter program.

The program, which is funded through grants and private donations, is a low cost spay-neuter program for Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes.

Prospective clients will submit a written application to receive a spay-neuter voucher that can be used as payment for spay-neuter services at one of many local veterinarian offices that have generously offered to participate in the program.

Please visit our Spay-Neuter page to learn how to get your Pit Bull spayed or neutered, or if you are interested in making a contribution to help fund the program.

Owner Counseling:

Among the thousands of calls that come in asking us to take a dog, many come from frustrated owners that did not understand the needs of this high-energy, super-intelligent breed when they acquired their cute Pit Bull puppy. Unknowingly, they allowed that puppy to grow into a destructive adolescent with no training or direction.

Now totally frustrated, these owners are often ready to surrender their dog. In situations like this, an understanding ear, clear and calm support can often help. Enrollment in an obedience class can turn the whole situation around. These are among our best moments-when a frustrated owner begins to really communicate with his dog and discovers that his Pit Bull responds willingly, even joyfully, as soon as he knows what is expected of him.

Shelter Outreach:

Shelters nationwide, especially those in urban areas overflowing with Pit Bulls or Pit Bull crosses, often seek information on successful handling and placement of the breed. Out of the Pits acts as a reference point for those shelters, providing literature, information and support. We also assist newly established Pit Bull Rescue organizations throughout America.